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Patchwork. Give Together. Piece by piece.

Patchwork is the only gift list that lets your wedding guests contribute cash, time and skills to help make something amazing happen.

Set up a Honeymoon Fund:

Show your guests your dream honeymoon as a collection of images so they can choose which part of the trip to treat you to - £200 for a night in a hotel, £50 for dinner or £5 for beers on the beach.

Collect cash towards one big gift:

Invite friends and family to chip in towards the one thing you really want - whether it's a new sofa, work of art or a vintage campervan. Creating a patchwork is easy and with a Pinterest style layout it's fun for friends to contribute, too.

Ask friends to help make and do:

If you're planning a DIY wedding and want help instead of gifts, Patchwork lets you share your vision for the big day, so friends can choose whether to bring a bottle, make a cake, do the decorations or promise to DJ.

You don’t need to sign up or pay an upfront fee to start creating a patchwork so try it out today.


fay pearson
Wednesday, 1st March 2017
We used PatchWorkIt our wedding/honeymoon trip as wanted experiences to remember rather than material objects. PatchWorkIt was spectacular; it was so user friendly; flexible and so visually pleasing. Our kind gift givers loved using it and embraced the alternative to the traditional which fitted our wedding marvellously.
Kimmy and Doug
Wednesday, 1st March 2017
Thanks Patchwork! We used the site for our amazing honeymoon road trip around the USA, and it was brilliant. So easy for friends and family to contribute to our trip, and so fun being able to share the memories with them all of the things they enabled us to do.
Leyya Sattar
Thursday, 9th February 2017
Loved my experience using Patchwork. I used this platform for setting up a gift page for my friend's 40th. The page was beautiful, and easily sharable and super easy to use.
Wednesday, 8th February 2017
We used Patchowrk for our wedding. It was a great idea to put friends together to get us a single present, which we really wanted, rather than small ones. We also live in a very small flat and definitely did not have any space for additional cutlery/crockery etc. I had been looking for a while on something like Patchwork, but in the other instances, I had to create a website myself and it was a bit time/consuming for our busy schedules. Patchwork was extremely easy to use, creating our Patchowrk was fun and also the customer service was prompt to help some of our friends who were struggling with the payment system from overseas. Overall a great experience and wonderful memories!
Naomi and Jack
Friday, 11th September 2015
Amazing, easy to use, genius idea. Instead of asking for a load of old junk we didn't really need as a wedding gift, we asked all our friends and family to patchwork our dream honey moon. It worked. There's no more special feeling than being on holiday with the one you love, knowing that all the other one's you love have bought that moment for you. Perfect, thank you Patchwork x
Friday, 11th September 2015
The best way to organise wedding presents, know who have give what and be able to organise the thank you cards (instantly and offline)
Hatti and Dave
Tuesday, 8th July 2014
We loved using Patchwork Present - it is such a good idea and we loved how customisable it is. We used it to allow our wedding guests to contribute to our lifetime National Trust membership fund. It was easy to set up a page that was very "us" and our family and friends loved seeing how much we loved the NT in all the photos! The whole process was very smooth and I would definitely recommend Patchwork Present to every other couple looking for something a bit different!
Katy and Ben
Tuesday, 18th March 2014
We used Patchwork Present for our wedding gift list to help fund our Cape Town honeymoon. It was so easy to use, not to mention fun thinking of all of the wonderful places we wanted to visit! A beautiful website, that is ideal for those who are looking for a gift site that's different from the rest. Patchwork Present added to our overall wedding experience! I would recommend the site without hesitation.
Chloe Lucas-Walsh
Thursday, 13th March 2014
We absolutely LOVED using Patchwork Present as a way to invite people to help contribute to our dream honeymoon. It fitted in with the relaxed fun approach we had to our wedding (which was AMAZING) and we had great feedback from family and friends on how nice and easy it was for them to donate. Thanks Patchwork Present, we are currently booking our dream honeymoon to Thailand! <3
Helly and Russell
Thursday, 13th March 2014
We found Patchwork Present whilst desparately seeking something different for our wedding list. We're planning a big travelling honeymoon but knew that some members of family wouldn't be as comfortable contributing to our gallavanting around the world, so also wanted to include some more sensible options to do with getting on the property ladder, buying useful things for the house etc. Patchwork was absolutely perfect for both of these purposes and allowed us to create a really personal, engaging list that ticked both boxes, allowing our guests to feel that they were contributing to our life wish list. The look and feel of patchwork was perfectly complimented to our wedding and extremely easy for both us and our guests to use. The support from the team was also first class, particularly as we were one of the first patchworks they tested. We cannot recommend it highly enough - in fact 3 lots of couples from our guest list are now using it for their upcoming big days. Thank you Patchwork!
Lucy Gunstone
Tuesday, 28th March 2017
So easy! A brilliant, hassle free way of raising funds for different occasions. The company offer super efficient and very friendly service. Can't recommend highly enough. will definitely use again. Well done Patchwork!
Linn Kristin
Thursday, 27th April 2017
A great hassles free clever designed site. very happy and totally getting the honeymoon of our dreams because of it. good attentive customer service to. Thanks Carlie
Chris Lamb
Friday, 24th March 2017
We have used Patchwork twice now. Both times brilliant. The first time my wife organised a surprise birthday watch for me and then we raised funds for a mate who had been off work with illness for a while. Great service.
Esther Thomas
Wednesday, 8th March 2017
Visually beautiful! We had fun putting our DIY wedding together with Patchwork. I'm a technophobe, but it was super easy. And when I had further questions they replied promptly. I highly recommend this.
Holly Hope Harper
Thursday, 30th March 2017
I have used Patchwork Present on multiple occasions, each experience was wonderfully smooth and totally personal - I enjoyed creating each Patchwork almost as much as I enjoyed spending the money raised! I used this to fund my mothers 60th birthday trip to Paris, my 30th birthday party and my best friends baby shower; gifts and experiences that felt truly thoughtful to the receiver thanks to the individual messages. Thank you Patchwork x