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Adrian Simpson, All Speeches Great & Small, based in East Sussex. An experienced speechwriter.

He specialises in speeches for the Best Man, Father of the Bride, The Groom, the Bride and the Mother of the Bride, and all of his work is bespoke to each individual client.



Thursday, 11th December 2014
Wow!!! was my first reaction....and I just can't stop myself from reading it. Fair play you said you would nail it first time...I have to take my hat off to you & bow. What a skill you have, thank you
Thursday, 4th December 2014
Hey Adrian,You are a genius!!!!Thank you.I can't really see anywhere it can be improved, the content is great.Thanks
Tuesday, 18th November 2014
Hi Adrian,First pass read - Fantastic. Then after reading through it a number of times i found myself thinking of how you have managed to unpick my notes and stitch together such a great speech that is completely to brief - Nice one.Thanks
Monday, 8th September 2014
Adrian, is the REAL DEAL! He was always professional, and quick with any response, or edit that was needed for my speech. He helped me with my brothers best man speech, and we got a standing ovation when I finished. I highly recommend anyone who is stressing about a speech, to get in touch with this man, immediately