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The Marmara Esma Sultan - Turkey

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Celebrate the happiest day of your lives surrounded by the footprints of the grand Ottoman Empire in the wonderfully historic atmosphere of The Marmara Esma Sultan.

The wedding of your dreams awaits you as you take an enchanting journey through time in the elegantly renovated The Marmara Esma Sultan.

The Marmara Esma Sultan, seated proudly along the shores of the glistening Bosphorus, sheltered under the towering Bosphorus Bridge above, brings a unique vibrancy and unforgettable quality to each wedding with its chic and stylish atmosphere, first-rate cuisine and professional service team. The Marmara’s award-winning chefs prepare and serve The Marmara Esma Sultan’s custom menus, designed to suit the theme of each unique event.

ESMA SULTAN theatre cocktail buffet round table Esma Sultan (exterior) - 3000 2000 1000 Esma Sultan (interior upper floor) 400 600 - 336 Esma Sultan (interior ground floor) 250 300 - 180


It offers 1000 guests for dinner and reception space for up to 3000 guests in the garden, 336 guests for dinner and reception for 600 guests, in the indoor first floor, 180 guests for dinner and reception for 300 guests at the entrance floor throughout the year.