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Turkey Weddings


When planned well; Destination weddings can be relaxing and fun for you and your expected guests and an experience to remember for a lifetime...

They know that planning your wedding is already and naturally an exciting time for you both, but it can also be stressful with so much to think about and organize.

As experienced wedding planners, their promise is to deal with every single detail on behalf of you and just like you would do in a more professional way. Either it's only for you two or with your guests up to 250. According to your desires; they will offer you venues or suggest locations; while sorting out the paperwork and other legal requirements, they will be bargaining with vendors and look after their payments on behalf of you. You can contact this company for civil marriages, wedding parties, blessings, religious ceremonies and renewal of vows.


We want everyone to know about the warm, capable and amazing team at TravelAtelier ( or and the dream wedding we were able to create with their help. We had our wedding in June on Bozcaada (Tenedos) island in Turkey. It is a remote location far from touristed areas, beautiful, untouched and magical. Of course, these characteristics also made the logistics of the wedding quite challenging. The team had to organize everything from miles away in Cappadocia; many things - including the sound system, artists, decorations, generators etc. It had to be brought from Istanbul; hair and makeup artists all were brought in from the mainland; we had a staff of over 60 working on the wedding. All of these tasks and many many more were executed to (our happy guests') highest satisfaction. Our wedding was 3 days and 3 nights with many activities including a picnic, beach party, an Arabian Nights party, dinners in town and of course, the main event with musicians and performers arriving from Izmir and Istanbul. During this time, the TravelAtelier team took on all of the work and stress, and ensured that we were happy and relaxed. We were able to be with our guests and enjoy the most beautiful days of our life thanks to their hard work and professionalism. We were also happy with vendor recommendations that TravelAtelier provided - the individuals and companies were top quality and very professional to interact with. Our wedding planner was Asli Anadol Leki. Her team consisted of her assistant Erkan and the firm owner Murat. Murat was full of wonderful ideas and solved a number of problems we encountered during the execution. Erkan was always available, always smiling, and always helpful in every way. And Asli, there is really no praise we can give that will accurately convey how wonderful she was. Her hard work, her attention to detail, her organizational skills and her execution of every detail of the wedding, large and small, we?re incredible and unparalleled. She was a joy to work with over the 7 months of planning and was always available for a Skype call or email conversation. In short, we unequivocally and most highly recommend TravelAtelier's wedding services. Thanks to them, we had the most beautiful and magical wedding we could have ever imagined. They exceeded our expectations in every way. His (the groom's) mother was full of effusive praise for their work (and that is perhaps the highest recommendation of all). In addition to all of this, with their wonderful personalities, Asli, Erkan and Murat became our friends and also friends with many of the guests who attended our wedding. They were not working for us but working with us and celebrating with us. Lastly, they found an amazing hotel for us for our honeymoon and helped coordinate many aspects of our stay to make the travel experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.