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When you are planning a wedding the last thing you need is for someone to make a suggestion which adds to the already mounting cost that will ultimately run into quite a few thousand pounds.

But pause for a moment and think quite seriously about taking out insurance cover. All right, you are hoping that everything will go like clockwork on the biggest day of your life and you hardly dare give a thought about anything spoiling it.

However, what if something does go wrong? Wouldn’t it be sensible to have a plan in place which will go a long way to easing the situation?

Consider the fact that there are so many potential slip-up areas.

The bride’s dress may be damaged; the photographs may have to be re-taken, for a variety of reasons; the cake may not be delivered; the flowers may not be what you ordered; the reception area may be double-booked; wedding gifts may be stolen; you may have to call the wedding off because of an accident or bereavement; the caterer may have got the wrong date – and what if your wedding ring was lost?

These are just the most common occurrences, yet only a very small percentage of weddings are actually covered by insurance.

Doesn’t it make sense to take out cover for such eventualities as those listed? You may still suffer some disappointment and inconvenience – but at least you will have the reassurance that you will not lose out financially by protecting yourself against the unexpected.

So, pause for thought. Ask yourself the question: do I need insurance? Is it worth my while?

For example, if you are planning a small wedding which is going to be only a close family affair and most of the people you are dealing with are those you know and trust, then you may come to the conclusion that it is not necessary to add to your carefully calculated budget by taking out insurance.

However, there are still things over which you have no control. What if the photographer has an accident on the way to the wedding and is taken to hospital? What if one your suppliers runs into financial difficulties and cannot meet your order? What if the venue cancels at the last minute? It has been known!

If you still decide to go ahead without insurance then at least have some written agreements in place with your suppliers by paying them only a deposit until they have done what they said they were going to do. And have a plan B ready wherever possible – just in case. There is, of course, more reason to think about insurance if you are planning a William and Kate style extravaganza! In all cases it is important to consider the different levels of insurance cover rather than just going for the cheapest. Take a little time to calculate what you are spending on the wedding and then carefully choose the level that best meets your particular needs.

When doing this, bear in mind that the main areas for which it is advisable to take out cover – from other people’s bitter experiences – are: the venue; the caterers; the DJ; any other entertainers (band, singers etc); flowers; photographer; marquee; wedding cars; wedding rings; wedding dress.

Once you have made your decision to go ahead with some insurance and have, after careful thought, come up with a detailed plan of the amount of insurance you need, then the easiest way to find the cover best suited for your requirements is to go on-line and study the comparison sites.

Just as a guide, there are often tiers of benefits available for as little as £45 which will cover you against all the most common eventualities up to a specified amount, although there may be a small excess of around £25. Pay-outs are on any expenses you fail to recover.

Be careful, however. There are certain circumstances which are exempt. There will be no pay-out, for example, should the bride and groom decide not to go ahead with the wedding. Other circumstances under which there will be no pay-out are if there is damage to wedding attire through cleaning; theft from unattended wedding vehicles; theft of cash and gift vouchers from the reception; damage to the marquee during erection or dismantling; and damage to the cake by atmospheric conditions – or vermin!

Be aware also that you will not be able to make a claim if you cancel due to circumstances already known to you at the time of taking out the policy or because you decide you can’t afford to pay for the wedding after all.

Finally, do please make sure that you are getting the exact cover you want. Read the small print before you sign on the dotted line and make your payment; check every detail; ask questions if there is something you do not quite understand. There are so many packages from which to choose. Make sure you choose the right one. And have a truly wonderful day!