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Wedding Photography Turkey

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Seren Agan, Wedding Photography Artist She has graduated from Photographic Arts department. She has extensive experience as a Digital Graphic Artist and uses these skills to present a blend of sincere and posed imagery edited to such a high quality that they stand alone as works of art in their own right. Seren appreciates that no two weddings are the same. She seeks to capture the feeling that defines each wedding and makes it inimitable to any other, namely, the love between the bride and the groom, and how the couple celebrates it with their families and friends. As she observes, “even when shooting in the same location time and time again, there are still changes which make the day unique.” Seren finds the essence of what makes the wedding special to the couple getting married, and highlights it in her photographs. Omer Kurt, Wedding Photography Artist Omer always takes great care to be modest, to allow the wedding to flourish around him. His images are neat, warm, and touchy. Their simplicity allows the heart of the wedding to shine through, the beginning of the new life the bride and groom will share together. Whether it’s a luminous image of the couple solo, or a lively, joy-filled shot with family and friends, Ã?mer manages to convey clearly the beauty and genuine feeling of the moment. Sezai Cildir, Photographer, Project Coordinator Sezai has been a photography enthusiast for a long time and recently joined Seren and Omer on this project. He captures beautiful images in real time as they happen offering you glimpses of a day and events you may not remember, or perhaps did not even have time to notice, yet were essential to the magic of your day. His photography is both contemporary and elegant and offers a style with a classic taste.