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If It Moves… shoot it!

If It Moves offer high quality, beautiful and original wedding films – the ideal way to relive your special day, again and again.

Your day would be captured by company director, Peter, who is an incredibly friendly and easy to deal with television producer with ten years experience working on shows for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky and many others.  If It Moves offer a discreet service, using top of the range, HD equipment, including DSLRs, GoPros, sliders and steadicams

You will receive three copies of your day, on either DVD or Blu Ray (or a mixture). These discs will feature a ‘Long Cut’ montage (around 25 minutes) telling the story of your wedding, set to music of your choice. There will also be a ‘Short Cut’ version (under 5 minutes), which is ideal for giving people just a taste of your day. Also included on the disc are the ceremony and speeches – for when you want to relive the magic again in full.

The discs will feature beautiful, bespoke menus and arrive in metal presentation boxes. You will also receive a digital copy of the Long and Short Cuts – ideal for your phone or tablet.


At first we weren't going to have a videographer as the budget seemed too tight. In fact we asked my sister in law if she'd mind collecting any films anyone took and edit them into something resembling a wedding video. However by the month before the wedding we discovered that we were under budget and could just about afford one. I think my sister in law was relieved! We are so glad that we found "If it moves" if we hadn't we would never have had such a wonderful reminder of our perfect day. Peter even followed our 1950's theme and captured the sense of humour of our day! If we hadn't hired a professional videographer I'm absolutely sure we would have regreted it. To miss out on having this beautiful movie to look back on would be tragic. I can't recommend "if it moves" highly enough, their work is second to none and Peter made everyone he filmed feel comfortable, he got the best out of everyone. Peter has told me that for a limited time, he is offering a ?200 discount to any couples that watch my video and email him at with subject heading 'And they lived happily ever after'.

We wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Peter for our amazing wedding video. It captured so much of our special day and bought tears to all of our eyes! It was great to go back through the day and see all of the details that we missed. Our guests had spoken about how cute our page boy and flower girl looked whilst walking down the aisle, if it hadn’t been caught on video I would have never seen it for myself. Peter has been fantastic to work with before, during and after our day. He answered all of our questions and researched the day itself. Peter blended in so well and most of the time I didn’t even notice that he was filming! It has been great to show our friends and family who couldn’t make the day. We couldn’t recommend Peter enough, all of our friends want to book him now!

We were more than happy with the whole service Peter provided for our wedding. He was very friendly approachable and organised. We love the dvd we watch it all the time. We had the best day of our lives and he captured those special moments. Thank you!

After umming and ahhing about whether or not to have the day filmed, I would have had regrets had we not and I’m glad we had Peter filming it. I’m so glad we had our day filmed. It’s not something that was on the ‘must have list’ but after the wedding being able to watch our day back and take in things I didn’t notice at the time is invaluable. I couldn’t remember the speeches or the ceremony but having it all on film means we can now watch it back whenever we want and family and friends who were unable to be there can still feel part of the day. The first time we watched it was very emotional and took us right back to the day. I think I noticed Peter at the beginning of the day when he arrived and that was it, he was like a video ninja! I didn’t want someone who was going to be in people’s faces and he certainly wasn’t. I had a lot of people commenting that they didn’t even notice he was there and everyone else saying how friendly and professional he was.

We used If If Moves for our wedding in September 2012. Peter’s service and attention to detail were superb. Peter was a pleasure to liaise with, very easy to talk to and we couldn’t recommend him enough if you are looking for a wedding videographer. On the day he was completely un-intrusive but captured all the details that made our wedding day so special. It is wonderful to look back at the day and even see bits that you missed. Our memories of the speeches were quite hazy so watching those back was great, they all made us laugh as much they did on the day! The final edits on the DVD are fantastic quality and set to beautiful music. The top menu is also a real delight, very professional looking and really completes the whole package. You also get a short 3 minute version of your wedding which is perfect for showing people who want to get taste of the wedding without watching a longer edit. We are so happy we had a Peter to capture our day, planning a wedding can very expensive but this is one thing we have absolutely no regrets.

We were completely unsure whether we wanted a videographer at our wedding, neither of us being overly comfortable in front of a camera but friends and family warned us that the day would go so quickly that we would want the reminder. They were so right! The day passed in a complete blur and we were so wrapped up in the day and trying to get around to see everyone that the next morning it all felt a little surreal! Getting the DVD through a few weeks later brought it all back and we are so relieved to have the DVD! The DVD we received consisted of a ‘short cut’, ‘long cut’ and unedited ceremony and speeches which is a great idea as it means people don’t have through a dreaded hour long wedding dvd when you show it off! The short and long cuts were both really well edited and just the kind of style we liked. Everyone that we have shown them to have said how well done they were. Peter was very discreet and most of the time we didn’t even realise he was there though the finished article clearly showed that he had been there throughout the day.