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Buy Our Honeymoon is the UK’s top wedding gift list service to begin your married life with the trip of a lifetime!

Our service helps you create and manage a unique wishlist of gifts for your dream honeymoon. If you don’t need the traditional gifts for starting a new home, but feel that just asking for cold, hard cash takes all the fun and romance away, you’ve found your perfect wedding list. It works in a very similar way to a traditional department store gift registry, but instead of kitchen implements or fresh towels, you put together a list of experiences and activities for your honeymoon — from activities, meals and shows, to contributions towards your first night’s accommodation, or a taxi ride from the airport. You’re limited only by your imagination in what to include, from tiny, meaningful treats all the way to once-in-a-lifetime luxuries. And your friends and family will feel that they're giving a real present that you'll value, and which isn't simply measured by how much they've spent.

- 100% independent and UK-based.

- No commission taken from the gifts you receive.

- No ads. 

- Beautiful, customisable page designs that work perfectly on smartphones and tablets. Receive gift payments by Direct Debit straight into your bank account, by credit or debit card via stripe, into your PayPal account, or in person on the day of your wedding.

- Unique options to customise your list, including multiple currencies and languages.

- A comprehensive gift history, which you’ll be able access forever.

- Includes 70 customised notification cards, and printable gift certificates for your guests.

- Personal, dedicated support for both you and your guests, by email or phone.

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The site is really, really fantastic and the service you provide is truly outstanding. You have made this such an easy process. … I have to say, we have had such amazing feedback about the site. People really love it! … We really can’t say enough great things about your service. Your attention to detail and your personal responses to all of our inquiries put you on an entirely different level from all of the other honeymoon sites we researched.

We absolutely love this website, it is worth every penny of the set up fee, and gives so much variety to really personalise your own gift registry. All our guests that used the website commented on its user friendliness and what a great idea it was . Shelley and the team are very quick to reply back to any queries and couldn't be more helpful. I really recommend this to anyone wishing to have a website for their wedding, it works so seamlessly!!

We have had a very pleasant experience using this site. Such a fun, fabulous idea and it worked so well! The customer service department were fantastic and communication was brilliant. The site was easy to use and looked awesome once completed. I really enjoyed setting it up and would recommend the site for anyone wanting this sort of gift site. Amazing. :)

What a brilliant concept this is! We had a great response from people and although guests were really just giving us money they felt like they were buying something. A great idea to take photos of what they have bought you so you can send a pic in the thank you card. It was really fun setting up the page. The way it's set out is really easy to use and also really easy to add your own personal style whilst giving you guidance? I would recommend setting up the Go Card less payment so people can have the option of paying at the time or putting cash in a card for you. Most of our friends and family used the online payment so we didn't have to worry about going to pay in huge sums of cash before we left for the holiday. Money well spent, so glad we used this site!

I just wanted to say that your website is incredible. I haven’t ever come across such an easy, user friendly and effective website before. Your response to queries was fast and informative, the website hasn’t failed once, all payments were received without any hitches and most importantly all our guests loved the concept. Our honeymoon was a blast, a lot of which is down to you. I can’t sing your praises enough.

We can’t recommend Buy Our Honeymoon enough! Our gifts gave our guests giggles and also the chance to treat us whilst away (diving trip, a balloon ride, candlelight suppers, even gin and tonics by the private pool). If you are looking for a fantastically executed service that will be a breeze to do, bring a smile to your guests faces and also make the honeymoon unforgettable look no further. Would love to say we would use it again but alas weddings are a once in a lifetime thing as are honeymoons.

We stumbled across 'Buy Our Honeymoon' online when we were searching for alternatives to gifts for our wedding. Although we didn't really want people to spend money on gifts for us, there were some members of our family really wanted to give us something to mark the occasion and so we wanted their gift to be thoroughly appreciated. We decided to save towards a 'family honeymoon' as we cherish the idea of creating memories for our children. Being slightly sceptical about this sort of thing (there are quite a few sites out there..) I phoned to talk through my anxieties and was instantly stuck by how genuine the chap on the phone was and how straight forward the system is. I felt totally at ease and able to ask all my questions, however tiny, and all the answers were clear - I was thoroughly reassured that this was a genuine company offering a first class service. In addition to the simplicity of setting the system up, I felt very comfortable making further telephone calls with any questions and the people have been so genuinely helpful. As it turned out, quite a few people wanted to contribute to this fund and we now have a little pot of money, from our loved ones, in a special account, just waiting for us to book our 'honeymoon'.. with our children! Many stresses can occur during wedding preparations and I personally would love to recommend these people as I had no qualms entrusting them with this part of the organising. A small fee, very well spent and totally worth every penny. Many thanks to them! The Kirbys