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Il Giorno Perfetto di Glenda Marradi - Italy


"Il Giorno Perfetto", which in English means "The Perfect Day", was created by wedding stylist and event planner Glenda Marradi after over 10 years of experience in the world of weddings. Today they are one of the most renowned and well established Wedding Planner agencies in Tuscany, Italy. Glenda's vision, along with her desire to work with foreign couples, finds its perfect fit with her partner and friend Cristina Ventre, Tuscan child that spent half of her life in the United States where she matured her passion for design, art and architecture practicing as Interior Designer and Event Designer in the upscale international market. With their passion and their strong line of collaborations in the wedding industry, they take their couples by hand, through the journey of creating their "Perfect Day", from the initial planning to the daily executing, all the way to the end of their wedding day, seamlessly.

They pride themselves of being a full service agency, with their own catering service, chefs, flower designers...they partner with the best photographers and videographers to leave you with the memories of a lifetime. They work exclusively with their locations in Tuscany, both in the Chianti region and the hills above Lucca, and their intimate beach locations along the shoreline of the Riviera Versilia. In our repertory, they also offer estates on the Island of Elba, beautiful Farm Houses in Puglia, and Destination weddings in remote Tropical Islands....Wherever your heart desires to be for your Wedding, they make it possible and they also take over the tedious work behind the scenes of "getting married", by helping carry through the documentation necessary, in the time needed.

As they capture your vision for your Big Day, they guide you through every detail and carry it out for you; they are your mind, ears and eyes so you can enjoy your day to the fullest, confident that you and your guests are cared for.

"Italy has an amazing soul, a story to tell...and each bride and groom that dreams to be part of its story, deserves their own chapter, unique, true, written in their hearts, with love..."Cristina Ventre

"Each detail is fundamental and each event is a strong emotional charge, every one different" Glenda Marradi