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Adaptable Speechwriting

Bath, Somerset

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Adaptable Speechwriting is a successful speechwriting service specialising in creating unique and tailor-made wedding speeches. The business is based in Bath but looks after clients all over the UK and internationally.

The business is owned and operated by professional speechwriter Adam Cockerham, who has written speeches for politicians, CEOs of FTSE 100 companies, academics at top universities, brides' fathers, grooms, best men and maids of honour from all walks of life. The business has been praised for extremely patient, friendly and professional service with utmost enthusiasm. Adam will liaise with you the whole way through the process from draft to completion to ensure authenticity and relevance.


From the start, Adam was helpful, listened to what we needed and quick to respond. He was professional and made the process easy. He really tailored the speeches to our requests and every draft was delivered within 24 hours. He got to know us which really came through in the speech styles and anecdotes.

Adam was great and helped put our mind at ease. Writing speeches for your wedding day can be a stressful and a daunting process. When you already have a 101 other tasks to accomplish, speech writing was never something we had time for. However, the speeches were something we really wanted to get right, and they were perfect.

I’ve always been an ideas man, never really one for standing up and presenting those ideas to a mass audience. A few months ago my company had loved one of my ideas so much that I was asked to present to the board of directors. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I could not mess up. After a Skype conference with Adam he understood my wishes and produced a fantastic presentation for me which resulted in the board investing in my idea.

I requested Adam to write the father of the bride speech for me. He turned out to be great, very honest and professional in his dealing with me. He took the hassle and the anxiety out of writing the speech. The quality of the writing was very good with balanced emotion and humour. It was well received at the reception and I would definitely recommend his services.

For anyone looking to have a speech written for them, I highly recommend Adam. He was incredibly efficient and his timing and quality was second to none. Being from Australia, I thought it was going to be a little difficult but we talked over Skype and it was very easy. I asked for a best man speech that was going to show lots of emotion but also have a really funny side too. Mainly, the reaction I received from the crowd was exactly what I wanted. I had people coming up to me after it and shaking my hand saying how “impressed” they were. That’s all thanks to Adam. If you want a perfect balanced speech, definitely hit Adam up for exceptional service.