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Marco & Maria Wedding Dresses


Marco Marrero and María Díaz began their career in 1990 with the creation of a design and production studio in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. In 1998 M&M became part of Tenerife Moda, a platform created to promote the fashion industry in Tenerife, that allowed them to make their first incursion into national catwalks. Just one year after its entry, M & M paraded in Cibeles, and in 2000 broke boundaries presenting their bridal collection at the Paris Fair. With a steady growth path, M & M has expanded its sales market. We can find pieces of their collections in the UK, France, UAE, Kuwait and Tokyo. Nowadays, the party and bridal collections, both very feminine and glamorous inspired in the 30s and 20s fashion style, account for the creative outpouring of its designers, who ocasionally make incursions into other projects.