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Yvonne Lishman Photography

Ruddington, Nottinghamshire

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One of the Best Wedding Photographers in the UK 2016

One of the 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the World 2015

"I expect like me you’re creative and unconventional, even a bit eccentric. You find lots to laugh about and love conversations. Photography’s important to you and while you’re happy your guests will be photographing your wedding all day long on their iPhones, and maybe you’ve got chums with super duper cameras too, you want the best wedding photographer for the job, a quirky and creative one, not in the least traditional, and one you’ll get along with like a mate."


Yvonne is fantastic. I think of myself as being very unphotogenic (I have many photos to prove this) and as such I was very nervous about picking a photographer and being photographed in general. Yvonne did us an engagement shoot which was great. It was brilliant to meet her, get over the nerves and get used to following her directions. Yvonne was always very warm, she was easy to contact and she kept us updated constantly between when we booked her and the wedding which was very reassuring. All our guests absolutely adored her. She captured some truly fantastic photos for which I shall always be grateful for and if I say so myself I actually look quite good which I never thought would happen. I cannot commend Yvonne highly enough. I can't wait until I have an excuse to book her again!

Choosing Yvonne for our wedding was hands down one of the best decisions we made (after saying "I do," of course). Nearly six months later, here are our thoughts on working with her... Firstly, you should know Yvonne is not normal. She's a wildly creative, totally lovely, absolutely genius, dog-whispering exception to the rule. She loves breaking norms, cracking jokes and dreaming up ideas—usually all at the same time. We instantly loved her portfolio, specifically the unconventional nature of her shots, and after our first phone call we knew we had to work together. Next, she's a great wedding guest! Having Yvonne at our big day was a total treat. Her good energy soothed us when we were nervous and her infectious joy kept us moving through the many parts of the day. She has the ability to somehow be everywhere at once: capturing the big moments perfectly and spotting the little gestures we might have otherwise missed. She's able to melt into the background when she wants to, then connect with guests one-on-one to spark intimate and lovely images. For us, the end product speaks for itself. Yvonne created a fantastic collection of images that we'll treasure for as long as we live. There are so many great shots that it's been hard to narrow down what to print. But the collection really does justice to the day and the memories we shared--we can't stop looking at them. To anyone looking for a photographer for their day, we have the following advice: if you are looking for a traditional white wedding photographer to get everyone standing in line like it's the 1900s, keep looking! There are loads of good photographers who can do that. But if you're planning a wedding that's a bit alternative and wondering how to capture it, send Yvonne an email, give her total artistic freedom, and one day you'll be looking back on your photos, thinking "I can't believe we had so much fun in one day".

Yvonne's photos are spectacular. She has an amazing skill of photographing the real nuts and bolts of a wedding, not just the traditional, romantic side of the day. Her photos of our special day somehow managed to capture our personality, the madness of our friends, the nerves of the morning, the post-ceremony elation and everyone's drunken shenanigans. What's even more remarkable is how unobtrusive she is. You'll barely notice she's taking an amazing photo of you! We couldn't have asked for a better photographer.

I cannot sing Yvonne's praises highly enough. Not only a wonderful person to know, she is a true artist. Yvonne has left us with a truly wonderful tale of our wedding day and for that we will be for ever grateful. Thanks Yvonne! :)

Yvonne was our photographer for our wedding in July 2013 and gave us memories to treasure forever. She was professional but also approachable and made the whole experience a pleasure from the start of the process to the end of our wedding day. Yvonne has an alternative view towards wedding photography and a sense of humour which ultimately provided us with photographs and an album which is unique. Thanks again Yvonne for helping capture the essence of our special day.