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Bow Lane Dental Group

London, City of London, Greater London

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2a Bow Lane


Greater London



Bow Lane Dental Group is an award winning cosmetic dental practice in the heart of London. Having every dental specialist under one roof, including a dental laboratory they can transfer your smile quickly and safely.

Whether you are looking for a complete wedding smile makeover, laser teeth whitening or just a thorough teeth cleaning before your big day, Bow Lane Dental Group can help.


The team at Bow Lane offer a high quality service. In particular, I was very impressed by Selvaggio who took the time to carefully explain all my treatment options and worked hard to ensure that I was happy with the final result of my cosmetic dentistry work. All of the members of the team that I have met have been professional and friendly! I would highly recommend to all!

Fake fake fake! Be very aware!!!!! Disgusting in fact from professionals! I came here for a check up one week ago and in one week they have amassed 13 reviews, none dentally related or about any kind of work done here apart from the hygienist! Not even a single one with any mention of the awful dentists here! No wonder !I should have smelt a rat! But got tricked! Which business does that? Of course they are going to say they have no idea who I am like the dentist always responds to bad reviews. A small world I actually met a friend of the guy Slash Jack who left the last bad review who works one floor down from me. Just the stairway leaves you breathless it's like climbing 100 floors to get to a dentist. Then there's the rude staff and the over subscribed unnecessary treatment. Apparently I need 5 crowns yes right! I walk straight back to my old dentist Barbican Dental Care. Thank you very much. Lucky escape. Reported this account to google!!!!!!!!!

I did choose Bow Lane Dental Group a couple of years ago for my treatments due to the high rating on Google and I must say, best choice when it comes to high quality and professionalism. I have myself been seen by Dr Raman and Dr Ilan and I am very happy with the results! If you are looking for the best results look no further.

AMAZING! Been coming here for years, never had anything but great experiences. Professional, friendly, and above all fantastic at what they do. James took out my wisdom teeth one lunchtime, and it was so smooth and painless I went back to work for the rest of the day. Since then, I've been back for everything from emergency treatment to cosmetic touch-ups. They are good at explaining options and giving straightforward advice. Have recommended them to friends and family and only ever got rave reviews

Renate Putrus is an excellent hygienist who makes the visit very easy and relaxing. She gives lots of positive constructive feedback to help improve cleaning your teeth going forward