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La Belle Cake Company

Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire

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70a North St

Leighton Buzzard




La Belle Cake Company is the leading designer of award winning bespoke celebration and luxury wedding cakes. Their imagination and attention to detail ensures they create unforgettable and innovative cakes, focusing on beautiful craftsmanship that guarantees that the cake will exceed expectations.

From their cake shop in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, La Belle Cake Company create bespoke cakes for private, corporate, celebrity and royal clients as well as TV and Media.


I wanted to say a huge thank you to La Belle Cake Company for the wedding cake they made me this weekend. It was beyond perfect. Michelle and Daniel were fantastic and nothing was too much trouble at all. The samples at the original consultation were absolutely delicious and we had trouble deciding what flavour to have as we wanted them all. They made the whole process so easy and we even received a sketch of the wedding cake before hand as well so I could make sure that it was what I wanted. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anybody wanting a wedding cake. I promise you won't be disappointed.

The cake looked beautiful, however it was a waste as it tasted horrible - not one of the guests could eat it, as it was completely bitter. When phoned to discuss this, it was completely dismissed saying there was a lot of sugar/syrup added. I work with people all the time, sometimes you are wrong and it is better to investigate - rather than dismiss clients. People do make mistakes, and that is understandable, but at least try a remedy the situation. Our wedding was absolutely perfect, apart from the wedding cake taste (not look, hats of to cake designer - she is superb).

La Belle Cake Company are outstanding professionals in the world of cake making, their creations are stunning and must be seen and tasted to be believed! We love working with Shelly and her colleagues and never hesitate to recommend them to others.

We have always found Shelly from la belle cake utterly professional and extremely friendly along with being absolutely top of her game. Her cakes always look and taste amazing and seeing some of her designs it's easy to understand why she wins so many awards

I must say nice people but very disappointed with our wedding cake. On their open evening in February we went in and spoke to them face to face to make sure they understand what we wanted for our wedding cake, we were promised the world, they reassured us they understand what we wanted, nothing was a problem. As they seen me worrying Michelle said if we pay in full she will do the sugar cake topper much earlier before the wedding so we can come and review it. Paid full balance in march ( wedding was in August ) never heard from them! The sugar work was a disaster , absolutely nothing what we wanted, nobody could work out what it meant! We wanted JCB tractor ( gave them a model to copy, also said to them to use the model for the cake, Michelle said she can copy it - fair enough, we thought she want to show off her skills) and groom leaning on one of the wheels and the bride pulling him away ( my husband is agricultural engineer , always at work - get the joke?) the reality was that groom and bride were twice bigger than the tractor, holding hands - it wasn't even hands , just some kind of rolls! Shame it's in the bin now as I couldn't look at it any longer I would put picture on here! So who make the groom and bride twice bigger than the tractor? Also I wanted the rest of the cake covered with woodland flowers, there was 10 tiny flowers on the left and right on three tier cake ! It was empty! It seemed as they run out of time and asked somebody of the street to do the sugar work! This certainly didn't look to us like somebody who won awards made the cake! Personally I thought the cake was dry, lots and lots of sponge , hardly any filling, couldn't swallow it . Now, we also ordered 50th wedding anniversary cake for my parents and asked if they can write on top what we want - again, no problem. Surprise suprise , when we saw the cake - nothing what we wanted AGAIN! Luckily I have a copy of email where the wording, the balance paid in full, description of the cakes are all written down. After I privately complained ( wasn't planning to put anything publicly) Daniel offered us £50 as good will gesture , we thought that's an insult after paying £460!!! Also said they never received any emails from us!!! We were just brushed off , didn't care! We have copy of everything! I must mention the sketch of the wedding cake they sent to us, it looked okay on there, all in proportion so we okay it. Never had a sketch of the other cake. Any person would think they would contact us if they haven't received any emails! They would if they haven't received the money! Basically massive disappointment, on the wedding day it was a shock! We had to destroy our top table flowers to put around the cake so it doesn't look so empty and sad! Perhaps they are taking too much on and not coping, perhaps didn't fully understand what we wanted, perhaps it wasn't possible, which they could have said we would choose something else or different company, what ever happened nothing will ever reverse our wedding cake disaster and that is the biggest upset for us! Thanks Michelle and Daniel!