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Danish Apple Photography

Andover, Hampshire

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SP10 5RG


Danish Apple Photography = Jakob and Dasha.

Jakob has been keenly documenting life through a lens for nearly a decade. His philosophy is to use the available light as much as possible and only use ‘artificial’ lighting when absolutely necessary. His dedication to capturing the adventure gives him a fearless approach and if hanging off of chandeliers is what it will take to get the look you want, then so be it!

Dasha knows the last thing you want to worry about on your big day is whether your smiling at the right time, in the right direction, with correct posture. With Jakob behind the lens, Dasha will be fussing over the dress, flecks of dust on the suit and the uncontrollable loose hair. It won’t be a true Danish Apple experience without her fixing the bride’s dress at least once and every couple’s special day brings forward new bright ideas… such as getting Jakob to hang from the chandelier!


Jakob is the most talented, professional and personable photographer I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He captured every single moment of our wedding with the most beautiful shots. He kept everyone smiling and laughing all day, and we just can't thank him enough for the photos he's produced. I would highly highly recommend to anyone looking for a photographer.

Jakob is not only a talented, professional and passionate photographer, but also an extremely convenient and likeable person. He worked his way through our team, which may I add was not a quick and easy task, all the while comforting them and helping them look their best with his experienced charm. All the photos he took of us were fantastically ideal - in fact, there was more than a sigh of relief from my team members when they had seen that they don't look as bad as they thought they did - quite the opposite! I spent almost the whole day with Jakob, he could do any shot we asked of him sensationally - even when we asked to do additional office shots in different locations which wasn't pre-agreed but he was more than happy to. The pictures were great and we plan to use them on our website. This shows the length of talent he possesses and just how personable he is. I would highly recommend him to any company or individual.

Jakob is a brilliant photographer, I would highly recommend his services.

Excellent photographer - highly recommended