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Hook, Hampshire

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Tony Hart has been working as a full-time wedding photographer for nigh on a decade, and since his first wedding at Keble College, Oxford he has covered all sorts of weddings up and down the country, both large and small. Each is unique, each its own charm.

"Narrative. That's the word I'd use to describe my approach to the wedding day. A story through pictures. Wherever possible I think it's important to let a wedding be itself, with minimal direction on the part of the photographer. There's beauty, honesty, truth and emotion inherent in the day and it's my job to photograph it."


Just wanted to write quickly to say thank you so much firstly for everything you did on the wedding day itself. As you now well know, Chris and I are not photogenic people and not particularly relaxed in front of the camera, but you have definitely managed to get around all of that somehow! And secondly, we wanted to thank you for the brilliant photos themselves. Everyone is delighted with them and the mums haven't stopped crying yet i don't think (in a good way obviously). I hear you've already had a gushing thank you phonecall from my mum as well, sorry about that (I think she needs at least two years to achieve the equivalent of most people's two weeks distance from the wedding!) She was thrilled with the photos and has told me so in several emails in capitals with more exclamation marks than I have ever seen her use. Chris and I both feel that they are brilliant photos that sum up the day perfectly and capture every detail, so thank you very much. My favourite picture of all I think is my dad being busted watching cricket while his daughter is busy getting married. Hilarious!

When I first met you back at Hedsor, what is only just over six months ago but feels a lot longer (!), the thing that drew me to your photos was that I felt like I knew the personalities in the photos and the stories and the emotions of the moment. And this is what I love most about our photos - you have captured who people are so well through the photos and given us a perfect story of our emotional and fun-filled day. I think this particularly in relation to my Dad, Kal's Dad and Mum, Binta, Steve, Jig, and obviously me and Kal. My Mum has not been the same powerful driving force for the last two years as she has been for most of my life, and as you will know these are very likely to be the last photos that will ever be taken of my Mum. Thank you so much for making them so special and managing to capture glimpses of the Mum we all know and love so dearly, really enjoying herself. You may never be able to comprehend how much these photos will mean to my family over the next few weeks, months, and years to come. Thank you.

We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the amazing photographs.... We’ve been looking at them all weekend and absolutely love them. You’ve done an amazing job and everyone we’ve spoken to has commented on not only what a massively talented photographer you are but also what a lovely guy you were and how unobtrusive you were through the day! We didn’t even notice you most of the time (in the nicest possible way!) yet you have some incredible shots. The church photo’s are stunning, I cannot tell you how much we love them. It was also brilliant that you stayed right until the end of the night, some of the party photo’s bring back instant memories of the day so thank you for putting the hours in!

We just got back today - wonderful time, but completely exhausted - just had to look at the photos before we give in to the tiredness... and they are absolutely fantastic!! Thank you so much! You've captured so many of those tiny special moments which I had forgotten about, but which are just wonderful to see again! We love the ones of the little ones (Samuel and Mia), all the family shots of everyone enjoying themselves - and the photos of the church are amazing too - the sky looks amazing!!

Tony was booked by my daughter and her now husband to be the photographer at their wedding on 28 May, 2017. Simply put - he was brilliant, arriving at the venue in plenty of time to phograph guests as they arrived, staying the whole day and putting everyone at ease. The photographs he took are stunning, natural and without any of those awful 'forced smile' pics you often see from weddings. His creativity and eye for detail and colour are amazing. Thank you Tony for capturing so many wonderful memories for my daughter, husband, families and friends. You rock!!

We are SO glad that we picked Tony to be the photographer at our wedding. He captured the day perfectly and we could not be happier with the photos - they reflect the emotion and excitement from the day and he struck the perfect balance between capturing the key moments but also the detail which you tend to miss on the day itself. Each time we look at them we spot something new - they are just incredible. On the day he was awesome and we felt completely at ease with him snapping away. Numerous guests commented on how brilliant he was - easy going, fun, but professional in the sense he was always "on it", making sure he captured everything. He was also very generous with his time - we caught up with him for a couple of hours before the day and then he was there from bridal preparations to the last dance of the evening which was near midnight! We cannot recommend him highly enough.

Tony's photos are unfailingly brilliant. He's a safe pair of hands to capture all the big moments, but he also has an eye for shooting small details and fleeting moments that anyone else would miss. It's honestly a total joy when the pictures drop into your inbox and you get to experience the day for a second time, sometimes from an entirely new perspective. He's straightforward, easy company (especially recommended for anyone who doesn't feel entirely comfortable in front of the camera - he makes it painless, honest!) and is endlessly generous with his time. Stylish, honest photography, professionalism at every step and all-round nice guy. I can't fault him.

Tony was the photographer at our wedding in 2011. The service that my wife and I received was first class. Tony's attention to detail and professionalism were evident before, during and after the wedding. The photographic style that Tony adopts was exactly what we were looking for. It was important that our wedding photographs were able to narrate our big day rather than providing a catalogue of staged photographs. The service post-wedding was equally brilliant with our photographs and subsequent album arriving promptly.We would recommend Tony very highly indeed!

Tony was the photographer at my wedding and I couldn't have asked for better service. He listened to our requirements and was totally in tune with our ideas. One of our stipulations was that we didn't want to be dragged away from guests for hours to have photos taken; Tony's thorough preparation and clear-cut ideas about what shots he wanted meant that we got a beautiful, complete set of photos with minimal disruption to the wedding day. He was so discreet and inconspicuous yet managed to capture every special moment. So many guests commented on his ability to be everywhere at once, and be invisible too! We even had two couples who had recently married say wistfully that they wished they'd had Tony at their weddings... I would definitely recommend Tony to anyone looking for stress-free, stylish photography from a lovely guy.