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Porto Carras Grand Resort - Greece


The organization of a dream wedding is quite simple at Porto Carras Grand Resort, since everything “conspires” in favor of the uniqueness of your own grand day. Starting with the fascinating seaside natural location and the excellent infrastructure, the deep knowledge, the long history, the well trained personnel and the constant friendly disposure, we set up the sweetest “conspiracy” here with the sole aim of organizing the perfect wedding… where “perfection” is of course defined only by you and your wishes.

The Scenery

Close your eyes and just let your dream come true. A long aisle covered in rose petals, fabulous floral compositions in every corner, the sun painting the sky in all the possible orange nuances and the sound of the waves embracing the moving atmosphere of the ceremony. The tables are set according to the latest art de la table trends, the imaginative welcome drinks welcoming your guests, the delicious dishes following one another, the perfectly dressed and constantly smiling staff moving discreetly around to cater for every detail, the carefully chosen music adding to the wonderful atmosphere and the two of you enjoying every moment, creating all those memories you will remember nostalgically for the rest of your lives. And what’s more, no stress or pressure since the experienced wedding specialists of Porto Carras Grand Resort will be your guardian angels, those who will be pulling the strings at the backstage of your fairy tale wedding. So, leave the stress for the specialists and just let yourselves be carried away with the magic.

A Complete Experience

The choice here is exclusively yours, since the natural or artificial facilities of the historical Porto Carras Grand Resort can support any possible plan, from a relaxing and alternative wedding beach party to a perfectly formal wedding reception. The idyllic Villa Galini, this architectural masterpiece with the monastery furniture and the rare works of art, the wonderful outdoor

terraces, the fascinating swimming pools, the isolated private beaches, the luxurious halls and the blossoming gardens can become the canvas for your wedding day or the renewal of vows ceremony and the unforgettable pre & after wedding parties, or your memorable bachelors. Especially regarding the bachelors, but also your entertainment as well as that of your guests during your stay, we should not forget the Casino Porto Carras, where action and tension are ideally combined with the mysterious atmosphere of New Orleans. It is worth mentioning that Villa Galini is one of the most sought after spots for its popular next day wedding photo-shooting. At the same time the Τhalassotherapy and Spa centers, which are the biggest in South-Eastern Europe, can relax you before and after the wedding but they can also make all the bridal preparations, such as the manicure, make-up and the bride’s hairdo. Of course, we should not forget the basic issue of hospitality, as you can offer the best rooms and top quality services to your guests while you can continue your holidays and prolong your happiness with the unique honeymoon packages, exclusively by Porto Carras Grand Resort.

Every wedding at Porto Carras Grand Resort is a unique life experience!