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National Railway Museum

York, Yorkshire

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North Yorkshire


Every year thousands of couples are looking for a most unusual venue to make their wedding day even more special. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you found it here – at the National Railway Museum in York. There is a certain sense of romance attached to the railways and travel – from the Flying Scotsman to the Brief Encounter – and if you want that extra romantic touch, our venue is for you!

The National Railway Museum has all the essentials covered:

  • Civil ceremony licence
  • Up to 200 ceremony guests
  • Up to 500 reception guests
  • All-inclusive or custom packages
  • Highly experienced and helpful events team and dedicated wedding coordinators
  • Easily accessible by train, car, bus, or by foot

How we can ensure your wedding day is truly one-of-a-kind:

  • Your choice of amazing places to celebrate your marriage – most popular being the Queen Victoria’s Carriage in the Royal Gallery
  • Incredible photo opportunities you won’t find anywhere else
  • Completely unique dining experience on the stunning central platform of the Station Hall
  • Before you consider anyone else – contact the National Railway Museum to see how they can do something special for you on your wedding day!




This is a lovely museum even if you are not keen on trains. It's free admission and very well run. Personally I'm not too interested in trains but there is enough to see on a visit for those who are not enthusiasts. The royal trains are fascinating especially if you listen to one of the free tours. I enjoyed the ambulance trains exhibition and the space shuttle one was there last time I went. There is a nice restaurant near the royal trains, very popular and fun to sit amongst it all. If you are a train buff you would return time and again!

Fantastic. You can spend a day here and still find something new if you back the next if you're really looking for every bit of information. IF you're just interested in trains a bit, or maybe thinking that you'll take a child to see them, then you can still easily pass 3-4 hours looking at history of the railways, and the steam engines on show, and going into the drivers compartments on some of the classic trains of yesteryear. Food and drink are available, but prices are as inflated as you'd expect in this environment. So you may want to take a packed lunch, but if you do purchase from the cafes available, you'll not be disappointed as quality is pretty good. The gift shop inside provides a good selection of items to remember your day. Again, some things are priced highly as expected, but you can find some truly interesting things here for a good price, and we've never left without something to add to our sons train memorabilia collection

Very interesting visit. Attended two talks, one about the Japanese Bullet Train, one about how I steam engine works. The man giving the Bullet Train talk was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. An excellent 15 minutes or so. The exhibits were well presented with some interesting write-ups. Well worth the donation suggested as entry is free.

It's a really fantastic museum for your family or if you are a train enthusiast. Just so much to see and do. There is a great model railway and a young kids play area. A train ride outside in the grounds A lovely coffee shop, with train tables and seating in one part of the museum. There it another coffee shop in the other half of the museum, with a lot of seating, that copes with the half term madness. They have other things for children to get involved in, during half term break. The staff a very pleasant and helpful. You can catch a train ride in to the town centre. There is parking nearby, or a short walk from York train station. Free entry, donate on entry is optional. Our young boys have a great time. Highly recommended!

Kids love coming here to see the trains. Tim Peak's capsule was a nice distraction, but it was in the most in accessible place, being on the turntable. The kids had fun doing the robot activities for the space event. It costs nothing to get in and do most of the activities, do it's a good day out for all of us.