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Choosing who makes your wedding video is a funny thing.

You can spend lots of time and money and after making your decision, end up with something that looks ok, but is a bit short on personality and content.

Admittedly the good ones are pretty, but they do have a tendency to all look the same.

Alternatively what if You and your friends could make your wedding video.

Wouldn't that be Better?

Wouldn't you then end up with a video that actually has something to say?

That's special and unique and all about you, Not just a succession of pretty pictures.

The problem is you don't have the equipment, or you don't feel you are confident enough pull it off.

That’s where You Do the Shoot come in.


We wanted to have a video memory from our wedding, especially since a lot of my friends couldn't make it from Canada. We liked the idea of being able to shoot our own footage before and after the wedding, but also wanted to have a professional there to capture the ceremony and speeches. We were not disappointed! We are so thrilled with the videos and we truly cannot thank Ben enough for giving us these wonderful memories that will last forever. I would absolutely recommend You Do The Shoot to anyone looking for a unique wedding video. Thanks again! Megan & Fergus McKee

Worked out better than we imagined. we had loads of fun filming each other never thought it could look so great. The video cameras are brilliant, really easy to use. so glad we chose to film it ourselves got load of hysterical footage and when it was all edited with the music and special effects it looked brilliant. Thanks x Highly recommend You Do the Shoot!

Absolutely brilliant - gave a really good account of the day and very professional looking video. We had two cameras (one with each party) and then Ben came down to video the day and in hindsight this was the best way to go. We ended up with some silly footage from us and Ben did a really nice job of capturing things in a more professional way.

We had toyed with the idea of filming our wedding ourselves and then also thought about giving it a go at doing the editing ourselves - but we're very glad we didn't. Ben did a fantastic job at pulling together all the best parts and turning it into something very heart-warming, funny and professional-looking. Some of the clever touches he put into the editing really captured the happy, romantic and sometimes hilarious mood of the day. Overall, very happy with the results - communication was easy throughout and Ben had pulled out all stops to get the cameras delivered to us when we had a problem with the courier. After-service care has also been excellent. The quality and presentation of the DVDs were very good. Chapters were split according to the timetable of the day (speeches, ceremony etc) which made navigation easy. Sound quality was also very good - the soundtrack was a great contribution to the video but was also unobtrusive. Given the growing number of people who now own Blu-ray players, I'm not sure if Ben is able to (or currently does) produce BD versions using the cameras' HD video. However because we were also provided with a full HD footage separately, this can be done at home with the right equipment. Thoroughly recommended !