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Paul Smith - Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies


Paul provides Toastmaster services to clients throughout the UK. Trained by The London Guild of Toastmasters in 2001 and passed their rigorous assessment programme to become a full member in 2002. In 2011 he was assessed and accepted as a member of The Toastmasters and Master of Ceremonies Federation and in 2011 became President of The London Guild. Paul is based in East Grinstead and happy to work anywhere in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, London etc.

Paul has worked for many different Brides, Hotels and covered a wide customer base, not always in the local area, amongst his clients have been the High Sheriff of West Sussex and Local Mayors. Paul works to ensure your complete satisfaction and that everything planned to happen did happen. He works with all your suppliers to ensure the possible best day. He can offer guidance on speeches and their introduction in the right order. All in all it is his aim is to add value to the day and make the enjoyment of it everything that was dreamed of.

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