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You want to feel like a princess on your special day? Well, what could be more perfect than saying your vows in a ceremony set inside a beautiful castle?

Depending on the castle you choose, you could have either a civil ceremony in one of the stately rooms, or a religious service in the chapel if there's one on-site. It's worth visiting as many venues as possible to get a feel for the atmosphere, and to ensure that your venue has all the facilities you require. Some castles will allow you full private hire, so that you and your guests can stay over after the wedding and live like royalty, even if it's only for a few days!

Castle weddings are perfect for brides who are planning a themed wedding. Whether you're considering a medieval banquet or a Jane Austen style ball, a historical castle is the perfect back-drop. Often, older buildings lend themselves well to candle-lit evening receptions, but do bear in mind that a raucous disco might not be appropriate. Be sure to check with your venue before booking!

A castle wedding is the perfect fairytale venue and will make your wedding photographs even more special and memorable. Many have beautiful surrounding parks or woodland which add variety to your wedding photos. The extra space afforded you by castle grounds offers you the opportunity to indulge in exciting extras, such as a fireworks display at the end of the evening. It's also a nice idea to have a drinks reception outside (weather permitting!).

The lavish interiors should not be overlooked either; some castles offer use of their luxurious rooms for your civil ceremony, or you could choose to have a stately sit-down meal in the banqueting hall.

Castle weddings are the perfect choice for romantic weddings with a historical theme. The scope for creating your perfect day with options for personalising the celebrations means that many brides are choosing to celebrate their big day in regal style in a majestic stately home or castle. Castle weddings offer every bride the chance to be a princess for the day, as well as a special occasion for all of their guests to remember forever.

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From the lofty Scottish highlands to rural pastures in the south of England, castles are the architectural backbone of the UK. Fall in love with these elaborate, often understated and always beautiful castle wedding venues.

The Beauty of a Castle Wedding

Castles are some of the most beautiful wedding venues. They're full of history, and are the perfect romantic backdrop. From dramatic castle ruins to stunning medieval palaces, castle weddings give you a celebration filled with authenticity and charm. And having a castle wedding may not be as expensive as you think. So here are some reasons why you should consider one for your big day.

There's nothing quite like visiting a castle and seeing the years of history reflected in its fascinating structure, beautiful grounds, and magnificent setting. These wedding venues are astoundingly atmospheric with uncountable photo opportunities. Weather permitting, most castles will allow you to take photographs both indoors outdoors, so you can experience the warm interiors filled with rich velvet and chandeliers or the vast castle grounds splashed with colourful flowers and gardens.

Castles come from all over. They're built on lake-sides and lochs, hill-sides and valleys, and span the entire length of the UK. A wedding in such a fantastic venue is sure to leave you with a treasure-trove of memories. But castles are not solely found in the UK; if you want a wedding abroad you'll find a host of stunning castles all across the world. With such a huge array of possibilities, from Scandinavia to Italy and beyond, you have a choice of near any location you can imagine. Prices for castle weddings vary, but by carefully researching your options you'll find that that they may not cost nearly as much as you fear.

If you've already decided that you want a castle wedding and are ready to choose, it's very important to find out everything about your possible venues. Booking times vary, as do guest capacity and availability - some castles allow you to hire them for a few days, thus allowing you and your guests to stay for a few nights like royalty. Other castles may only give you the wedding day, so you might have to organise alternative accommodation.

Castles and their guidelines vary, so you must research thoroughly to make sure they have all the facilities you want. For example, a castle wedding is wonderful if you want to slow dance in candlelight to an acoustic band, but if you want to rock out afterwards to a strobe-lit disco you may run into problems. Similarly, some castles may not allow the traditional throwing of confetti! Make sure you know what your venue has and doesn't have, and what they do and don't allow.

Castles are wonderful options for themed weddings. Whether you're going for a medieval twist with a lavish banquet hall or you're looking for fairytale magic with a breathtaking ballroom, there are all kinds of castles available. To have a castle wedding doesn't mean all dim lighting and huge halls and cool grey stone. When you say "castle", a lot of people tend to think of medieval castles. But these days there are contemporary castles that are furnished with more of a modern touch: brighter, with clear open spaces. Furthermore, some people may really love the architecture of castles but may not want a castle wedding. In this instance there are even more venue options, like grand cathedrals and mansions.

Having a castle wedding guarantees a day filled with magic and romance, and to infuse some fun into your celebration there's also enjoyment for the whole family with a fun bouncy castle!

A white wedding bouncy castle suitable for adults and children.

Castles are gorgeous wedding venues that offer a wealth of opportunities. With the right research and preparation, the possibility of a fairytale wedding is in closer reach than you realise!