Recommended Intimate Wedding Venues

Intimate Wedding Venues

Whether you define intimate wedding venues as being hireable for exclusive use or as quaint, cosy buildings nestled in a romantic setting, you'll find one to tick all your boxes from our listings.

These days, many couples choose to have a smaller wedding and reception. Not only does this often save on cost, but with only the closest of friends and family sharing in your big day it also makes the wedding a much more personal celebration. Here are some of our favourite intimate autumn wedding reception ideas.
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Most of us dream of our wedding day long before we even meet that special someone, but does it always have to be a big fairytale wedding? Over the years, small intimate weddings have become increasingly popular. Here’s why.
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Intimate weddings are characterised by their smaller number of guests, and the overall, more low-key celebration atmosphere. Imagine a cosy sit-down dinner with only your closest family and friends, or a close-set ceremony venue that’s large enough only for a dozen or so people. Here are some intimate autumn ceremony ideas that prove you don’t have to go all-out to have a beautiful wedding ceremony.
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